God can't forgive me for my past


Those who think they are too sinful for God to accept them don’t understand how merciful God is. The Bible says that He is "rich in mercy" (Ephesians 2:4). The good news of the Gospel is not that God might forgive you IF you clean yourself up and get your act together. The Good news is that he has already initiated forgiveness!


Christ’s death provided for the reconciliation of the whole world to God2 Cor 5:19.

 Christ’s death, being our propitiation, takes away the sins of all mankind Rom 3:25; Heb 2:17; 1 John 2:2; 1 John 4:10. 



Christ did not atone for sins.  His blood does not cover sins the way the blood of bulls and goats didChrist’s blood takes away the sin issue between God and man – John 1:29; Rom 3:25; Heb 9:26; Heb 10:4,11; 1 John 3:5.





 So, Christ’s death and shedding of blood on the cross becomes the focal point of the whole forgiveness issue.  His precious blood took away all sins for all people for all time. This was an eternal act of God, being executed in time but not bound by time – Heb 4:3. Don't believe the lie that your sins are too big for God...truth is the only sin that keeps anyone from being made alive in Christ is the sin of unbelief. You have been reconciled to God..there should be nothing stopping you from recognizing your sin before God and transferring your trust to His finished work on the cross and promise of  New Life found in Christ alone. You can know today that His love for you is Greater than the lies of the world!